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How to Purchase the Right California Car Insurance

Today there are a number of methods that can be used to purchase California car insurance. Which one is best depends on the individual and exactly what they are looking for in terms of savings and customer service. There was a time when you had to track down an agent to write a policy as the online insurance community was not available. Policies can even be bought at some work places today as they carry group policies for their employees. But today consumers have many more options to choose from including; agencies, online companies and telephone purchases.

Purchasing at an Agency

It may not be surprising the many choose to purchase their California car insurance policy the same way their parents do. Their way entails making a visit to their local agency and having a salesperson take their information and write up a policy. They usually were on a first name basis with the salesperson and might even have additional policies with them. It was not unusual to have the automobile, home and health insurance coverage with the same agency. A lot of folks like this kind of service and still use agencies exclusively.

One of the great advantages for making a California car insurance purchase with an agency is that you get to talk with a live person. If you are one that feels more comfortable talking with a person about your coverage then the agency route may be for you. An advantage to the agency purchase is the salesperson can assist you when questions arise or when you donít understand a particular. The drawback to agency purchases is that they can be 5% higher because salespeople have to get paid for the fine customer service they give their policy holders.

Making a California Car Insurance Purchase Online

Purchasing a California car insurance policy online is fast becoming a favorite method for securing coverage. Online purchases can tend to be a little more impersonal compared to agency purchases but you can save a few dollars on the policy. Competition is high among companies so a lot of deals are available. The computerized insurance purchase costs the company less to maintain and so they can pass on the savings to the customer. If you are computer savvy and are looking to save a few dollars on your automobile coverage then an online purchase may be the right method for you.

If you are not intimated by the process of shopping for California car insurance online then it may be a good avenue to save on your next policy. You will have to weigh what is important when you need questions answered or when you need to file a claim. You will have to read all the particulars but some online help is available. Some websites have live chat assistance if you need it to complete your transactions. Many online insurance companies are offering great discounts for first time customers who are interested in switching their insurance carriers.

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