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California Business Insurance

California Business Insurance

There are many types of business insurance available. Depending on the type of your business, the duration of a project or the coverage needed. Direct Choice Insurance agents are specialists in determining what kinds of insurance is best for your business, and they are available to help.

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Determining what type of policy is best for your business is not easy. There are many things to consider such as protection of assets, liability coverage and operations loss-recovery. Get started by submitting the online application, and let our knowledgeable agents help you get the best and appropriate coverage, at the lowest available price.

California Business Insurance Policies and Information

Usually, standard policies offer basic liability coverage for your business premises, operations and product related activities.



Consider when you buy an automobile; you also get a warranty. This is a guarantee the manufacturer provides that the vehicle will maintain a certain standard of reliability. A bond is basically a general purpose guarantee that a specific service, duty or obligation will be met. There are two types of bonds to note. Fidelity bonds guarantee that an employee will not transact hims or herself in a certain manner, whereas a Surety bond ensures that things will happen. State, City and local laws at times require certain California Business Insurance bonds for certain types of activities.

Income Interruption

In cases where your business is in a position is unable to function for a period of time, this type of coverage will reimburse your company to maintain an operational level of activity. Expenses such as rent, payroll, and re-location can be provided by your insurance carrier. Option coverages can be bought to help your business return to normal functioning. Direct Choice Insurance agents are an excellent source of information to help you make informed decisions about insurance.

Business Insurance Owners Policy

As unique package of required coverages such as property and liability, in addition to combinations of options for items such as commercial vehicles, business interruption, and officers protection. An advantage of this type of policy is in its cost effectiveness, which makes it ideal for small to medium sized businesses. A broad spectrum of coverages can be bundled together that will not only give you breadth of protection, but a low-cost business asset. Additionally, this type of California Business Insurance also eliminates many of the restrictions and limitations that you might have been subjected to with a stand-alone policy.

Available Options

  • Business Crime
    In the even that an employee disturbs your business activities by acts as fraud, theft or other type of criminal activity, crime insurance can help alleviate losses incurred.
  • Insurance for Officers
    In the event directors or officers of an enterprise are subject to personal claims filed by constituents of a company, this insurance provides necessary protection for these individuals. Besides coverage on an individual level, the business as an entity can also be included under the policy protection.
  • Technology Package
    As computer viruses and malware continue to be an issue faced by information systems of businesses, this type of coverage is an option that can be added to all other types of California Business Insurance coverages mentioned here. Computing-specific language is usually added to these policies, and offer an added level of protection for business operations.
  • Employment Practices Liability
    Is designed to protect employees at all levels from claims against discrimination, harassment, promotion practices and any other employment-related activity.
  • Professional Liability
    Another specialized coverage that protects an enterprise against claims originating from clients in connection to inferred failure to provide acceptable service. In cases where these clients incur loses, California Business Insurance provides protection against cost of settlements, judgments and legal directives. These type of policies vary widely, and require needs analysis for each business.

Commercial Auto

Vehicles used to conduct normal business operations should be covered by Commercial Auto insurance. This is not only a requirement, but a protection for your business against any losses that might be incurred by your vehicles and the drivers.

Business Insurance Workers Compensation

A required policy that covers employees coverage for any work-related injuries incurred while at their place of employment. Besides medical coverage, this also provides for loss of wages, rehabilitation and other benefits related to disruption of employment.

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