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How to File a Claim with Your California Car Insurance

There may come a time when you have to file a claim with your California car insurance company and so it is good to know how to protect yourself. Whether the claim involves only property or if there were other people involved certain information is essential. There is always the question of liability and so to go the extra mile and get all the necessary information immediately is important. The outcome of your claim and what liability is assigned to you and your carrier can depend on your ability to gather the essential claim information at the time of the accident.

Information needed for your claim

Certainly most people understand that if a claim involves another driver then obtaining the pertinent insurance data and the other driverís license information is important to your California car insurance company. However there is a lot of other information that can be just as important about the accident. Gathering as much information as you can about the circumstances of the accident can save you a lot of headache and expense later on. Some information will of course not be available if it is not obtained at the time of the accident and can influence the decision of liability. Donít be in a hurry and neglect this information gathering just to get on with business as usual.

Some drivers will get the California car insurance information and driverís license number of the other driver and down the road they go. Only to find out later that the other driver reports information that can not be contested because you did not gather enough information. If body injury is involved as a result of the accident taking the time to note important information right then and there can save you a lot of money. If the claim ends up in court you will have the information recorded for easy reference. It will be virtually impossible to go back and get most of this information after the fact.

Enhancing your Insurance Claim

All of us have heard about those outrageous California car insurance claims where one or the other driverís is suing for a huge amount of money. The information you gather at the time of the accident can help your lawyer build a better case and reduce the amount of the unwarranted claim. Because remember when your insurance company has to pay out a giant sum of money for an accident your name is going to be attached to that claim. Helping out your insurance company is also helping yourself to minimize future rate increases as a result.

Immediately following the accident grab a notepad and write down your recollection of the accident. Be certain to note the sequence of events and anything unusual that may have occurred. If you believe it was the other driverís fault write down in your notes the reason why. Notate any unusual weather, events or activities that were present at the time of the accident. Have any passengers initial the notes as well. Always make a copy of these notes and give it to your California car insurance company as soon as possible.

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