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Enhance Security with California Home Insurance

In this day and age it is important to protect your valuables from theft, loss or damage. California home insurance is a good way to put protection in place in case of a loss to your property. Installing a security system will often times qualify you for a discount on your policy amount because it reduces the risk of loss. Any steps you can take to reduce the loss of a claim will generally warrant a discount from the insurer. This can mean installing deadbolt locks, motion sensors, lights and a perimeter alarm system.

Some folks hesitate to install a security system because they are denying that a break in could happen to them. But taking the necessary security precautions not only can prevent such events from occurring but their California home insurance policy cost will be lower as well. If a thieve spots deadbolt locks and security lights in place they are less likely to target your property. This in itself is a deterrent to crime and a potential loss of your possessions. No one is going to force you to install a full blown security system because you can just install those items in which you are comfortable.

Security Deductions

You work hard to earn a living and buy the possession that add quality to the value of your life and sometimes these things need protection from thieves that would break in and attempt to take them away. Your California home insurance company is going to give you a deduction in cost if you are willing to reduce the risk with security precautions. Maybe you collect some antiques or have a rare coin collection, a security system would help to keep those possessions safe and out of reach of potential thieves.

Simply adding a safe to your home will reduce your California home insurance policy as it will make potential loss less likely to occur. By installing deadbolt locks and motion sensor lights will deter most thieves from attempting to break in after dark. This can give you peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family and your assets at the same time. There is no sense in making it any easier for someone to come in and walk off with your most valuable possessions. There are many simple steps you can diligently take to reduce your risk of loss.

California Home Insurance Security Deduction

In addition to installing dead-bolt locks, replace old, cracked hollow doors with doors made of metal or solid hard wood. This will make forced entry much more difficult and noisy. Don't rely on a slide chain to stop a break in as they are not very strong. Besides they require you to open the door to see who is outside. A better approach is to install a wide-angle peephole device in the door that allows you to see who is outside without opening the door. This will be much safer then opening the door slightly which compromises the strength of the door to protect you.

Glass doors can be quite vulnerable as well. If you have them make sure they have keyed locks and cannot be lifted out of their frames from the outside. Inserting a pole or rod cut to the proper length and laid in the track of the door can prevent it from being opened even if the locks bypassed. Modern windows made today have special inside locks to prevent them from being pried open but if you have older style window you can install special pins that will prevent windows from being opened form the outside. Lastly donít give intruders spaces where they can operate undetected and out of side. If bushes or trees make a section of your house vulnerable then cut them back and thin them out to make them more visible.

Security Options

Your California home insurance company is going to recommend the best security system available as they have statistics that prove good security systems reduce risk to property and possessions. If you shop around you will find a security system that is both functional and affordable for any budget and need. The technology available in todayís security systems is very advanced and cost effective. You will be able to find a system that meets both your security needs and fits your budget.

The amount of work you had to put into owning your home and its possessions are important to you and your California home insurance company. It is also important to take the steps to protect them by using the tools that are available. If you live in a particularly high crime area it is more important that you protect your self and your family. By evaluating your security needs and the products available will allow you to protect your assets and save money at the same time. Investing in your security is an investment not only in today but you are safeguarding your assets for the future also.


Your California home insurance company knows that it is almost impossible to reduce your risk to zero. No matter how much each of us does to protect our property or possessions we are always going to be subject to some degree of risk. But the good news is we can reduce our risk levels to very low levels with techniques that have worked for other homeowners. The lower we can reduce our risk the more secure our property and possessions will be and the greater peace of mind we can have as homeowners.

Certainly your California home insurance agent knows that one of the most effective steps you can take as a homeowner is to assess your situation honestly and realistically. Even if you are unable to do this for yourself there are professionals that can assess your security situation in a more realistic light. Donít be afraid to enlist these professionals and their expertise as the outcome could save you thousands of dollars in the future. Any steps you take to reduce your risk to loss will equate to savings on your policy and out of pocket expenses.

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