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Finding California Car Insurance for Young Adults

Purchasing California car insurance for yourself can be challenging enough but it can be an even bigger challenge when you have young adults in the home. Trying to find coverage for young adults that are reasonably priced can be a real challenge as well. Of course the big factor affecting coverage for young adults is the high amount of accidents in which they are involved. This drives rates up for everyone in the group even for the ones with squeaky clean driving records. But there are strategies which can reduce the amount of annual premiums if you must find coverage for your young adult drivers.

Start Small with California Car Insurance

In order to obtain California car insurance for your young adult will require taking some very calculated steps to reduce risk and premium amounts. Many young adults today get their drivers license by attending and passing drivers education but not all. Attending and passing drivers education is a sure method for getting the discount offered by insurers. Young adult drivers that have passed drivers education are safer drives with lower accident rates. Young drivers with good grades also qualify for policy discounts also. Insurance companies are willing to rate these drivers as lower risk because statistics back up the claim they are safer drivers.

Starting a young adult with a smaller automobile is another way to obtain lower premiums with California car insurance companies. Large automobiles such as SUVís or high performance automobiles will instantly send up a red flag with companies when it comes to young adult drivers. You can expect higher premiums if your young adult is purchasing a high performance automobile. The accident rates for these vehicles with young adult drivers behind the wheel are much higher then the average. Starting small can not only decrease risk but will help decrease premiums also.

Think Safety First

California car insurance companies love the new safety features that automobile companies are equipping in their newest models. The reason is they save lives and reduce injuries or fatalities resulting from automobile accidents. Older automobiles do not contain the same advanced safety features as the newer models of today. Some older automobiles didnít even feature safety glass never mind dual air bags. Thinking safety when it comes to your young adult driver can really save money when the policy premium is due.

When a California car insurance policy is written on a young driver and the automobile is a new model with advanced safety features the risk on the policy is reduced. A newer model automobile with all the advanced safety features can reduce the cost of insuring your young driver over the long term. Although an older automobile is less expensive to insure because it is less expensive to repair it isnít equipped with the same advanced safety features to keep your young adult driver safe in case of an accident. Safety and affordability both are important when it comes to insuring your young adult driver.

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